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Monday, May 21, 2018
RE: A Simple Way To Erase Stress In Just 7 Minutes

Dear Friend,

Did you know that stress is the number one killer in the world? It's true. Stress is at the heart of virtually every major disease. It cripples your immune system, making the process of fighting off something as simple as the common cold or as severe as cancer next to impossible.

Did you know that stress is ALSO the primary reason your body stores body fat in and around your waist and hips? When your stress is unmanaged, your body produces the fat-storing hormone cortisol to help keep your nervous system going. Unfortunately for you, cortisol also forces your body to pack on more body fat, especially in and around the belly. This is because your body thinks it is under attack, literally, and tries to protect you by “insulating” you with fat.

Did you know that your stress can be reduced, even eliminated, in just 7 minutes? Now, I realize that goes against all those hour-long meditation sessions and marathon-style jogging you may be doing to “destress”, but I'm here to tell you, as a doctor and an expert on stress, that there is now a simple, 7-minute protocol that reduces stress levels anywhere from 65-95%—without drugs and regardless of your age or level of stress!

You probably didn't know all of this, and that's okay. I didn't either when I was a full-time nurse, or even after I graduated from Naturapathic Medical School. However, it's absolutely vital that you know it NOW because your health, your weight, and the health of your loved ones is on the line...

This Stress Solution Is Virtually Impossible To Find

It's not your fault that you don't know how to ease your stress. Let's get that clear before we go any further.

I made this clear on my recent appearance on The Dr. “BLANK” Show. (In case you're wondering, I cannot legally mention his name, but you can find my appearance on his website assuming you can guess his two-letter last name.)

He asked me to be on his show to help men and women deal with stress naturally, calling me, “…THE leading stress expert,” among other flattering things. : )

Now, while stress management techniques have been around for centuries, so much information out there is just gobbly-gook nonsense or drug-riddled Band-Aid answers that simply cannot solve the problem. And, the stress management solutions that do work often require HOURS of your time a week; sometimes over an hour a day! Who has the time?

Also, you probably haven't spent over a decade studying stress and natural solutions to this killer like I have. Very few physicians even know about this, because most of them are unfortunately trained to treat the symptoms rather than the cause! That's a huge mistake. I address the biological and psychological causes of stress that are virtually universal. Unless you address these issues, you will be forever doomed to repeat what I call The Stress Cycle. More about that in a moment…

It Took A Doctor Who Nearly Died From Stress
To Dig Up The Answers And Figure Out The Solution

Dr. Holly LucilleMy name is Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D., R.N. Just call me “Doctor Holly” for short! During my first years of practice as a medical doctor, the stress of my job and my personal life collided with such a dangerous impact that it almost killed me. My own doctor said, “Holly, you're way too young to end up a pretty corpse!” That scared me…and I'm forever grateful for that scare. Today I'm a different woman. I've been on CBS's The Doctors, in Time Magazine's Top 100 Alt List issue, cited as one of the most infuential people in the world, and on virtually every network you can think of preaching the gospel of living a stress-LESS life.

You know what? It wasn't just the health issues stress caused that was creating havoc in my life—I was also packing on the pounds. About 40 to be exact. All around the belly! Again, this is typical when stress is unmanaged. Listen: no matter how hard I dieted or how much I exercised, this damn belly fat never budged! I thought it was genetic.

It wasn't genetic—it was stress running wild. Today, I see countless men and women who think the same thing—that they are genetically doomed to suffer with high blood pressure, excess belly or waist/hip fat, moodiness, and perhaps worst of all no sex drive!

That's right—stress SMASHES your sex drive to bits! Guys lose the ability to have it, and women lose the desire to want it. Stress destroys marriages and relationships that, if only they knew what I know, could be saved with a few minutes a day of stress protection.

Do you NOW see why I'm on a mission to help rid the world of needless stress? Good—because I have some wonderful news for you today:

The 7 Minute Stress Solution Handbook

This Short Little Handbook Can Ease
Your Stress And Restore Your Life!

Today, I want you to take my decades of research into the simplest, fastest, and easiest solutions to stress and apply them to your own life. I've put my entire 7-step, 7-minute Protocol into this short little “de-stress cheat sheet”, The 7-Minute Stress Solution Handbook.

No fluff and no new-agey nonsense—in fact the handbook is under 40 pages. You can read it in less than a hour or two. You can start applying the Protocol within MINUTES after you download your copy today.

Hey, it made no sense to create a complex, 100-page-plus book on stress that would do nothing but stress you out further, right?!

This is as simple and elegant as it gets—and you will be shocked at how super-simple these 7 simple steps are. Anyone, and I DO MEAN ANYONE, can do this in just 7 minutes…less, if you don't want to do every step! It is the first practical working solution to stress that you can do in home, at work, even in the car…around the kids, with the family, or all alone…that works every single time, guaranteed.

Here's just a sneak peak of what you'll discover today:

  • A strange but simple finger technique that instantly relaxes your sympathetic nervous system!
  • One secret little food that has mounds of clinical research behind it's stress-killing power!
  • A little-known place on your body that you tap gently to release a flood of calming agents in your body!
  • A simple way to position yourself for maximum mood lift and lowered stress levels!
  • An age-old trick (that you did as a child!) that reduces stress in half or more!
  • A gentle reminder that will help you end your day full of gratitude and peace that also helps your relationships!
  • Perhaps the oldest and best way to relieve intense stress FAST!
  • The vital missing nutrients your body MUST have to keep stress minimized for GOOD!
  • And More!

There's No Way I Can Take Full Credit
For This Stress-Relieving Breakthrough

Here's one of the reasons I only charge less than ten bucks for this life-saving Handbook—I stood on the shoulders of giants.

While it's true I developed the Protocol, these stress-killers can be found if you want to spend a few weeks digging around Google or wading through some medical textbooks. Universities have tested these techniques, and the nutrients I recommend you start taking immediately to feel a rush of peace, even in the middle of a 'storm', are well-known in certain parts of the world.

What I've done is made it tremendously easier for you. The time it would take you to find these specific tips and nutrient combinations, assuming you could, would stress you out even further! And I know how valuable your time is to you. You want to spend it doing the things you love with the people you love.

So, consider The 7-Minute Stress Solution Handbook your super-shortcut to well-documented techniques and information VITAL for…

  • …your long-lasting health;
  • …your progress in weight loss;
  • …your renewed sex drive;
  • …your lowered pressure;
  • …your greater peace of mind;
  • …your improved relationships;
  • …and SO much more!

But Go At It Alone And You Will End Up Confused

That said, if you try and figure this out on your own, you will definitely add more stress to your life. The answers are all in this easy-to-read (and even easier to apply) Guidebook, so why make things harder on yourself? Confusion is one of the things that creates the MOST stress in your life, so that's the last thing you need, right?

Imagine how much simpler it will be just to download your personal copy of The 7-Minute Stress Solution Handbook and be done with it? You'll have the answers on your computer screen, literally, in a matter of seconds! This will save you from making a LOT of mistakes (most of them expensive mistakes) along your journey to a virtually stress- free daily life.

Why It's Just $7

Look, I'm a doctor, and my practice is in Beverly Hills, California. So, not to brag, but I make a good living. I don't need to get rich from a small little handbook.

I DO need to get this information to you ASAP, however, and I do believe my life's work and research is worth a few bucks—if not for any other reason, to prove to me you are SERIOUS about putting an end to your stress.

Let me give you 3 specific reasons why I chose $7, something ANY person reading this can easily afford, as the price:

  1. After my brush with death due to stress, I vowed I'd do anything I could to help others solve the TONS of problems stress causes, like easy weight gain, elevated blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and so much more.
  2. This isn't some fancy-schmancy Random House publication. It's a short little e-book, but awesome things come in small packages!
  3. I promised myself and my partner that if this helps as many people as I dream it will that I will raise the price to something like $19.95 or more. I want to be fair to you, but I also learned over time to be fair to myself, too.

My “Stress-Free In Minutes” Guarantee

I'm so absolutely confident that The 7-Minute Stress Solution Handbook will help you ease your daily stress quickly and effectively that I'm willing to let you try it on me. Give my Protocol 60 days. If you do not see a measurable and dynamic decrease in your stress levels, email me at support [at] 7minutestresssolution [dot] com for a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.

I'll Only Sell 1000 Copies At This Price

If I can reach 1000 people with this gift of a virtually stress-free life, then I'll spend a lot more of my own money on marketing this Handbook and I'll be forced to raise the price by the amounts you see below.

So time is of the essence. You MUST act right now to get in on the Charter Pricing offered today. There's zero guarantee it will be here tomorrow…and I will have to enforce this price increase on everyone—no exceptions. Fair is fair, and now is your chance.

Instant Access

Today Only $7

Do Not Be Deceived By How Simple This Protocol Is

I often hear, “Is this ALL?” when people read The 7-Minute Stress Solution Handbook. Yep—that's all! It's super easy…almost aburdly simple and very deceptive at first glance, because each step takes less than a MINUTE to perform. You want it SIMPLE and STRESS-FREE. You don't want some long-winded manual on every breathing or meditation method known to mankind in order to get instant relief now.

You may even LAUGH when you read some of the Protocol steps! That's okay…laughing helps decrease stress. But seriously, I went out of my way to make this baby simple so you can master it in less than a DAY, guaranteed.

Einstein said, “Keep things as simple as possible…” and that's what I've done. You'll love me for it.

Warning: Stress Is Addictive

The habits that put you into your greatest levels of stress are addictive—meaning they are VERY difficult to break the longer you do them. They are often passed down to your loved ones, even your children.

This is NOT something that can just “wait another day”—you absolutely MUST take action and put an end to the horribly damaging, fat-producing, sexual-killing stress that any male or female in today's modern world faces at an alarming volume.

Just rest assured—I have put this Protocol to the test both personally and with my patients. It works—plain and simple. And you'll feel more peaceful and relaxed the very same day you put these Protocols to work for you. I'll stake my reptutation on it!

Click here to get started in less than 3 minutes

As one more special surprise: On the next page I'm going to give you a chance to get EVERY nutrient I recommend for FAST stress relief for FREE. That's right— it's a chance for you to invest a LITTLE more and get my videos, my Belly Fat Detox book, PLUS a FREE bottle of my stress protection formulation (plus s/h.) Of course this is entirely optional, but it's a $47 gift to you that most everyone takes advantage of.

Here's to your increased peace, and the beginning of your stress-LESS life!

Dr. Holly

P.S. A quick review: You now know that stress is a deadly killer, a fat-maker, a sex-destroyer, and it's eating most of us alive. You also know that you can virtually erase even the most severe stress using my breakthrough 7-Minute Protocol that you can try on me—guaranteed to work or you pay nothing. On top of all this, when you act today I'll be giving you the chance to get a free bottle of my personally-formulated stress relief formulation.

However, you ALSO know that if you do nothing, things will only get worse. Stress NEVER corrects itself before it does major damage to your body and your mind. It's utterly SILLY not to spend less than you'll spend on LUNCH today and get the solution everyone is talking about—from CBS's The Doctors to Whole Foods to The Lifetime Channel, you can see me virtually everywhere helping folks just like YOU conquer stress for LIFE.

Will you let me help you? Just look below and let's get some more peace in your life!

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